China's LED industry transformation and upgrading urgently need to solve the problem of shortage of qualified personnel
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With the continuous optimization of the economy of our country industrial structure upgrading, at present, China's high skill talent shortage and institutional problems, talent gap phenomenon is serious, both in quantity and in the structure, it is difficult to meet the needs of economic and social development, lack of technical personnel, make the innovation and development of the industry is overstretched.

LED workshop lamp technology training: professional counterparts is congenitally deficient, deformity

current domestic colleges accordingly has just started, LED personnel are still unable to batch culture by colleges and universities. There is no basis for talent education in the industry, and later talent construction has not been improved. This has led to LED industry personnel training has produced “ congenitally deficient, acquired deformities. The status quo of ”.

LED industry has developed rapidly in recent years, and the overall level and comprehensive quality of employees in China are relatively low. In addition, the entire industry lack of vocational training system, limiting the upgrading of professional skills of professionals, it is difficult to build them into the core force of the development of the industry, but also difficult to achieve breakthroughs in new technologies and technologies. In the training and training of professionals, there is still a great shortage of enterprises. Although the current

, * * * people gradually increased, but the basic knowledge of LED practitioners are Xiangzhi little and the rapid development of LED industry does not adapt, and generally LED enterprise long-standing “ heavy equipment, light weight, mechanic; technological innovation talent ” light skill talent concept, the formation of skill talent prejudice, lacking in LED professional and technical personnel training, eventually led to the personnel training to keep up with the needs of market development and restricts the development of enterprises.

attribute will gradually highlight, the region is more and more widely, this also means that the accident will happen LED industry caused immeasurable losses. Therefore, in order to avoid engineering accidents in LED industry, the training of professional knowledge personnel is imminent.

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