Worse than the "collapse tide", it turned out to be........
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In 2015, the LED factory lights, lighting enterprises “ closed down, ” and “ bankruptcy, ”, “, arrears of wages, ”, “ performance decline, ”, “ loss, ” and other news shaken people's hearts. Many businesses either have no business or survive on low profits. “ health ” operation mode become the fatal

if things go on like this, some small and medium enterprises to be dragged out to become the inevitable result. In order to maintain the customer, guarantee business, some companies at the expense of “ guaranteed ” attitude sellers, increased the risk of collapse in more small lamps factory.

“, the price is low, the business is done, ” now looks more terrible than the “ closures ” is “ low-priced competition ”.

trading in the market, of course, to pick cheap, but the key problem is that when the customer cannot identify the quality of products, the seller has no bottom line business, eventually disrupted the market, have starved counterparts, exhausted themselves, pit dead error phenomenon of enterprises.

1, for example

starve counterparts in the same area, there are 50 different types of Home Furnishing building materials factory, and 50 home building materials dealers the same area, if there is a Home Furnishing fix 10 Home Furnishing building materials factory building materials dealers with low price, and the rest of the 49 families in the building materials factory only 40 chance, will not receive orders directly to. In the long run, the market is disrupted.

2, exhausted himself to control the gross margin

lamp factory belongs to the normal range at around 20%, but in fact some manufacturers to do business, gross margin of 5% in the small workshop to be in full swing and night rush period, sales department every day busy billing, arrange delivery. In this

behind the seemingly prosperous, lamp factory day is really better? The end of one afterwards, remove the workers' wages, rent, utilities, marketing costs, logistics costs, health costs, network fees, telephone charges, fines, alas, worked hard for a year, at the end of three to the rest of the melon two dates, rather than working for others to earn more, why?

3, dead pit downstream customers

buyers that accounted for a great deal, but most of the cry is yourself. Often hear a variety of customer complaints, seeking for cheap, and ultimately damage their own vital interests.


our lovely customers choose the right, time will prove your rational and far sighted!

expensive, yes, because of the good, so expensive!

service is the premise of profit,

profit margins can be squeezed, but not

disappeared, together with a

or profit as well as the disappearance of service. Please do not blindly

excessive demands,

each company to survive, you took

manufacturers living space,

service quality, how to protect?

do lighting is the conscience, we prefer to explain

price for a while,

not because of quality,

apologized to customers for a lifetime!

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