The six largest recalled LED products in 2016
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In the twinkling of an eye, 2016 May is over. During the past 5 months, many exported LED products have been recalled or destroyed due to quality problems. This raises the attention of China's LED enterprises to the quality standards. Here, we have sorted out the 5 major LED lighting products that have been recalled in the past 5 months.

GE emergency recall 35000 high-intensity LED lights,

GE lighting, high-strength LED lamps, can be applied to warehouses, schools, sports venues lighting. The lamp is 51/2 inches in diameter and 111/2 inches in length and weighs about 3 pounds. The recalled LED lamp white plastic base has the following information: LED165/M400/740165W, 4000K, 20000 lumens, made in China and date code. The company has received 4 reports from the separation of lights and sockets, and no injuries have been reported.

three IKEA's Gothic series of lamps because of the existence of the risk of electric shock, has been IKEA announced the recall, including a floor lamp and the two lamp. IKEA said, even if someone's Gothic, floor lamp and desk lamp products seem normal operation, but the lamp inside wire may have been damaged, causing the metal part of the lamps may be charged, causing a potential security threat to the user.

recently, the European Commission for non food rapid alert system (RAPEX) of LED lighting products China made of quality bulletin, bulletin for the countries of Britain and France, reporting the reasons for product inventory risk of electric shock. Has been destroyed by local dealers in the European union.

China manufacturer RainbowWalker’ intelligent LED lamp s because of the risk of electric shock is serious, the internal line of products through the way of welding, rather than by a mechanical connection. The transformer in the lamp body can be touched, and the metal component of the bulb will conduct electricity and bring the risk of electric shock to the consumer. This product does not meet the requirements of the EU low voltage directive and the relevant European standards EN62560 and EN62471.

EU non food rapid alert system (RAPEX) of LED rechargeable flashlight warning issued by the consumer brand Feron production China, informed by the case of Hungary, the notification of the product is 15 Watt LED rechargeable flashlight, the product model for TH2295, the bar code is 2000126537969, the product in the organization for economic cooperation and Development (industrial classification code OECDPortalCategory) 78000000 (electrical). The

built-in plug and charging adapter insulation requirements is not standard, the shell is easy to manually remove the flashlight, especially when charging consumers can easily lead to electric shock. At the same time, the product line cross-section is not enough, short circuit is easy to cause fire. This product does not meet the requirements of the EU low voltage directive and the relevant standards EN60598 and IEC60884.

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