These days, LED lights rely on "bend" to be superior
Date: 2016-07-04 14:03:15 Hits: 478

Fluorescent lamp tube, we are no longer familiar with, and if not careful knock, and its fate is bound to be broken to the ground. Our common knowledge of light bulbs and tubes is glass, very fragile. BXCSY has designed a tube that can be bent at will, called “SiLight”. Don't worry about the

lamp brittle texture, you can use any way to love you, “SiLight” will be folded into the shape you want.

varied forms that “SiLight” can be applied to various occasions, bending of the tube and the soft light together to create a wonderful atmosphere.

bending tube bending, arbitrary combination, there is no sense of violation and, very romantic atmosphere.

even during the day can not stop “SiLight” lights charm, to the night even more needless to say, is certainly attractive!

“SiLight” is a new attempt and the exploration of lamp design, arbitrary bending characteristics make its future scenarios have an infinite number of possible.

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