Five key words interpretation of major events at home and abroad LED industry
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May the light show

with the May Day holiday approaching, the festival of lights, light show also gradually opened the prelude. From April 29, 2016 to June 3rd, China · Zhengzhou dream festival of lights in OPA Lala gorgeous bloom water park. The first “ international dream lighting Festival, ”4, was officially opened in the Horticultural Expo Garden on 15 April, and lasted until May 15th. About 20000000 small lights of science and art is the perfect combination of around “ ” dream theme will be decorated colorful, beautiful night. 2016, the first dream lighting festival in Guangzhou, Panyu, will continue from April 29, 2016 to June 12th, which lasted 45 days. There are as many as 18 million lights at the same time. It will bring you an ultimate romantic feast of vision. Led plant

aibisen lamp shine Beijing Film Festival

guests, bright stars, once a year the Chinese movie event - Beijing International Film Festival opening and closing ceremony and prize presentation ceremony in Tiantan “ ” respectively in April 16, 2016 and 23, held a grand. Not only attracted from all over the world and the movie star to join, but also Shenzhen city aibisen Au Optronics Co are strong to help out. The magnificent stage visual effect is the biggest highlight of the film festival, the stage uses VR new elements of science and technology, at the same time using aibisen LED full color D3, showing a cross-border film and dance, sports, drawing, technical combination.

OLED war will play?

Chinese panel maker BOE (BOE) recently actively invest in OLED, the company spent 24 billion 500 million yuan, the establishment of flexible OLED panel production line in Chengdu, the target was put into operation in 2019 sixth generation of flexible OLED, monthly production of 45 thousand pieces. Not only that, the BOE's B11 factory, originally planned for the production of liquid crystal display, is intended to bring the BOE change, the production of large OLED TV panel.

industry insiders said, do not want to attack the small and medium sized OLED BOE panel, even large OLED are spared, the BOE attempted to grab the large size LCD panel and OLED market share. ”

nervous system in the campus of a university in Harbin recently, the successful completion of the renovation of campus road lighting control system, access to the CIS ”&mdash “ nervous system intelligent boat; — intelligent lighting control system for single lamp, street lamp will become “ on ”. Advanced wireless communication technology based on the entire system, using a unified cloud platform for efficient management, without changing the lamp structure, does not increase the wiring condition, realize remote switch, single lamp dimming, monitoring and control circuit, a timing switch, support the latitude and longitude of a bright scene set, to achieve energy saving and environmental protection intelligent control. According to estimates, each year can save electricity more than 30%, the effect is still quite satisfactory. Keywords: blue light

Korean media reported that the day before the National University of life chemistry and nano's research team invented LED lights to achieve the effect of health management through periodic color temperature, brightness change. It is reported that the

, LED lighting has the characteristics of 24 hours for the cycle of transformation temperature. Range from 10 thousand open (color temperature units) of cold white to 2 thousand open warm white, can be converted to 10 units of color temperature. With this, cold and white light that contains the blue light that helps stimulate brain activity can be emitted during the day. In the evening, in order for the brain to rest, the blue light can be minimized and warm white light is used.

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