The key point of LED lighting energy efficient and save money.
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“ home lighting replaced all LED plant lamps, a year can save much money? How to use light to ”“ house? ” more and more people begin to use LED bulbs, so, how should the purchase and use of LED? The following will provide some practical knowledge about LED lighting for everyone.

LED energy saving and long service life

although LED bulb price is relatively high, but compared to one year saves energy and electricity, it is worth the price. With the progress of technology, the price of LED bulbs has been decreasing year by year. In a family living room ceiling lamps (general ceiling lamps built-in 5 ~ 10 bulbs) as an example, if the installation of 10 6.3 watt LED bulbs, to replace a 40 watt incandescent bulb, an average of 4 hours per day, every year can save electricity about 480 degrees, electricity 300 yuan, equivalent to the good several LED lighting money. As a

room with the innovative technology of light, LED is not only the benefits of energy saving, reduce energy consumption, long service life also eliminates the absolute advantage we often replace the bulb troubles. The traditional bulb has a life span of 1000~2000 hours, while the LED has a lifespan of up to 20 thousand hours, which means a LED bulb can last about 20 years.

wattage lumens brightness “ ” is the key

“40 watts of traditional light bulbs replaced LED would need to how much? ” this seemingly simple question, but it is not a good answer. Actually there is no absolute relation between wattage and brightness. As technology advances, the same brightness, LED power consumption is constantly decreasing. The absolute number of lumens is the lumen number, which is indicated in the product specifications of the light bulb. In the present case, the 1 watt LED is about the same brightness as the traditional 8 watt incandescent bulb. With a 15 square meter living room, for example, about 14~15 watts of LED light source (about 600 lumens) can meet the basic lighting needs. When purchasing lamps and lanterns, combine brightness, color temperature and energy consumption, lumen and other data more scientific. In addition

, select LED bulb must use the aluminum radiator in the light bulb, because LED lights will be issued when a large amount of heat. If the heat condition is not enough, will directly affect the life and the light bulb LED. When you change the LED light, you should pay attention to the joint type of the original lamp holder. There are many kinds of lamp caps in the world, such as E27, B22, E14, GU10, MR16 and so on. According to the functions of the

indoor lighting

room lighting how to more scientific? From the professional point of view, the first consideration should be the use of space function. To the living room, for example, generally watching TV, reading, doing manual, rest, relaxation and other functions. While watching TV, the living room lights do not need to be too bright, but there is a light beside the TV to prevent the TV light from too much and cause glare.

lighting, should the layout features light and atmosphere lamp, headlight is arranged. After determining the space usage function, you can start selecting the light source without having to rush to select the headlights. General indoor lighting design should be selected in turn function lighting, atmosphere lighting, and finally is the general lighting. The so-called general lighting, is to meet the basic lighting of the large space, not too bright; the function of lighting, which meet the functional use of the lights in the living room, such as reading or doing manual with floor lamp, table lamp, bedside reading lamp operation; atmosphere lighting, to create the atmosphere, the general brightness is not too high. Not as a function of lighting.

different places for the lighting of different choices, so as not to cause unnecessary cost. For example, corridors, staircases, toilets and other lights, usually 3 watts on the line, but also depends on the indoor area. Relatively spacious place to choose a larger number of watts, or more bulbs, installation effect is better. For general indoor lighting, use 5~7 watt or more LED bulbs, or more than one bulb.

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