Teach you how to distinguish between good and bad, LED miner's lamp
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Authentic LED industrial and mining lamps should be marked with the rated voltage, voltage range, rated power and other brands, trademarks and related certification marks. Genuine LED industrial and mining lights on the packaging of trademarks, printing quality is better, fonts clear, not easy to fall off, that is, the use of soft wet cloth wipe, trademark is still legible. The printed trademark of inferior products is inferior in quality, the font is obscure, and the trademark of some products can be erased with wet cloth. In addition, there are no printed labels and relevant certification marks on the outer packing of some inferior products.

see lamp appearance

genuine LED mining lamp adopts integrated high-power lamp or SMD beads, beads crystal clear, and glue and visible gold. The time of purchase, consumers can take more than just LED mining lamp compare together, size consistency products better, generally for the large-scale production of LED chip products, quality assurance are. In addition, it depends on whether the appearance of the LED lamp is cracked or loose, and whether the interface has been pried off is observed, and if so, it shows that it is inferior. LED mining lamp in installation and disassembly process does not appear loose, head tilt phenomenon. The shell material

consumers can also through the LED mining lamp to identify its quality. Genuine LED miner's lamp is the use of space aluminum, thermal conductivity is super, aluminum oxidation, that is smooth, no sharp surface. The inferior products are made of ordinary plastic with rough surface and no luster. These materials are easy to deform, scratch easily, and have poor heat dissipation.

at the working temperature of

in working condition, the temperature will not genuine LED mining lamp is too high, can be hand contact. If the purchased product is heated at work, the quality of the product is a problem. In addition, if the lights of LED industrial and mining lamps appear flashing, it also shows the quality problems.

see electromagnetic interference

in our country, electromagnetic compatibility assessment is an important indicator of whether the qualified electrical products, so consumers in the purchase of LED mining lamp can view its packaging whether you have passed the test of related identification. At the time of purchase, consumers can test with medium short wave radios. Put the radio near the LED lamp after the power is on. Observe the noise from the radio. The lower the noise, the better the electromagnetic compatibility of the product.

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