Installation points of factory lighting LED lamps
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Because the factory workshop lighting properties vary, but often have common characteristics of large width high roof, a long time, a lot of modern industry requires 24 hours of continuous production, energy saving and reloading LED lamps more cost-effective in the economy, so there are no less active attention to the boss of the factory LED light, just because of a few LED lamp price is too high and give up, now not only reduced the price of many LED lamps, and specially suitable for factory workshop lighting LED lamp are also listed, the enterprise is very good.

LED mining lamp is using super bright LED chip is used as the light source, the high efficiency of lens, using copper heat sink with Aluminum Alloy, fluid thermodynamic design makes the automatic air cooling circulation without noise, suitable for use in factories, mines, storehouses, petroleum, chemical, smelting enterprises, especially suitable for the inflammable and explosive places lighting. Seat type and boom type can be adopted.

LED mining lamp performance advantages:

1. excellent explosion-proof performance, can be in various inflammable and safe use of

2. using LED chip, LED package structure optimization, to achieve low attenuation, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection advantages; the key components of

3. power supply by the world brand, to ensure the service life of the lamp; using

4. crystal lens the light distribution, on different occasions to meet the lighting needs;

5. using permeable structure design, optimization of the heat dissipation structure can ensure the service life of the lamp; the

6. lamp adopts angle locking device, which can guarantee the vibration environment of long-term perspective is still not changed; the

7. lamp body is made of light alloy materials, seal and special surface coating. Ensure that the lamp never in damp, high temperature and other harsh environment corrosion, never rust

; if the factory does not have other special requirements, LE The working height of D miner's lamp should be below 4 meters, which can improve lighting efficiency and reduce power consumption. As for the

illumination can refer to the following criteria: (A) without fine workshop: 200— 300lux (B) has some detailed work such as regular text recognition workshop: 300— 700lux (C) has high precision or color requirements of the workshop: 700— 1000lux.

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