Modern lamps: focus on lighting integrated technology development
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With the development and application of lamps and lamp integration, the rapid development of the electronic ballast for lighting electronic technology, using a variety of integrated devices and computer control system of lamps and lighting system has made significant progress, lamps and lighting system has been greatly improved in the light regulation, remote control, light color control etc.. Light means

1, modern lighting more advanced, convenient and flexible, in addition to the dimming device and the switch are arranged in the lamp, the light source for dimming dimming device or remote control infrared receiver with integrated, or use computer programming dimming. The dimming mode is suitable for the present ceiling modification, and the existing dimming system can perform stepless dimming and delayed lighting for ten different places at the same time.

2 works with scene selectors and light sources as well as low voltage lighting systems, and combines flexible lighting design with multipoint control with the usual wiring. The scene dimmer and remote scene controller can be installed in a plurality of directions and are suitable for meeting rooms, museums, etc. the utility model has the advantages of convenience, flexibility and remarkable control effect.

3, the use of computer remote computer stations and indoor lighting control system, with natural lighting of the day and night time and the user's requirements, automatically change the interior lighting of the light source, the entire lighting system parameters setup, and change control through the screen to achieve. The control method is suitable for civil facilities, such as hotels, shopping malls, etc..

4 and integration technology are gradually integrated with the development of modern lamps. Various lamps and lanterns adopt the integrated circuit, the energy saving effect is remarkable. For example, the directional lighting and spotlight lamps produced by an American company, after adopting the integrated circuit, will greatly reduce the energy consumption of lamps and lanterns, and the integrated technology will become the trend of modern lamps and lanterns design.

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