Home decoration: the proper choice of lighting, half of the trouble
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New house decoration for the people, can not help but say, is not a small project, and the choice of lighting and installation is often overlooked. Many people have reflected to this column, sometimes decoration finished, found that many lighting is almost useless, and the cost is not small. Then, the industry in the new house decoration, “ lighting selection and layout ” aspects of the recommendations and views? In the decoration, what kind of lamp can not be less? What can be chosen according to circumstances? How to prevent listening to “ businessmen flicker ” and install unnecessary lights?

the size of dozens of lights, Bahrain found no need to

“ this year decoration when we had no small effort, all as far as possible, both practical and environmental protection, while ensuring conservation, did not expect or ignore this link lighting. You see, now after the decoration of the house, the number of lights can be dozens of small and large, but really practical estimates are so few lights. ” talking about their own decoration experience, the New District Public Wang told reporters.

U-like lighting understands that many people in the decoration process can be found in either install too many unnecessary lighting, or lighting some looks very beautiful but actually a few back phenomenon. “ the corridor doesn't really need so many spotlights. But we had not noticed, when decorating workers have opened the napkin in the ceiling line, so it can only be installed. ” citizen Ms. Li told reporters.

lighting according to the habits of

“ design before us is not the main light, area of modern design in the living room and dining room is designed with the main light, the main light now more is to play the role of decoration, lighting effect seems unlikely. So many designers on the lamp collocation or downlight, to enhance the effect of lighting. ” said the interior design in the new samost mr..

“ my suggestion is the living room decoration after the main light do not choose again, we must first ask the designer to make renderings of collocation, unified so that the overall style, can play an important role in the bedroom is not recommended; and the main light, not chandeliers, wall lamp, table lamp, lamp can be used to provide the light source, such as exotic and level; again is the living room lights and lights according to their own habits to choose, if used all the year round does not open, it can choose not or less to avoid, as decoration. ”

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