The advantages and disadvantages of LED backlight source are introduced
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Online often ask LCD and LED display difference, manufacturers propaganda LED backlight, energy saving, environmental protection are gimmicks? First, let us understand the advantages and disadvantages of LED backlight source, you can make the right judgment. The advantages of

LED light source:

1, the screen can be made thinner, we look at some of the liquid crystal display, you can see the CCFL lamp arranged several filamentous, in order to make the screen uniform light, also need to add some other devices, it can not be very thin; and the backlight, LED backlight source the plane is luminous material, without adding other devices.

2, not the yellow dark, CCFL fluorescent lamp and fluorescent lamp, a long time will be aging, so the traditional notebook screen will be two or three years after the yellow dark, LED backlight screen life is much longer, at least two or three times.

3, more power saving, LED is a semiconductor, working at low voltage, simple structure, low power consumption.

4, more environmentally friendly, CCFL mercury in the light of the environment is very polluted, harmless recovery has great difficulties.

LED backlight source of shortcomings:

1, relatively high prices, at present in the same specifications, with the traditional CCFL backlight display difference between 100— 300 yuan.

2 and the popularization of new technology.

from the long-term trend, LED backlight technology as a technology product replacement type existence will slowly spread, and gradually occupy the mainstream market.

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