LED factory light manufacturers talk about the future development trend of LED bulb
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LED high-power ball bubble because of energy saving, environmental protection, longevity and other characteristics, is considered its market prospect is broad, relative to LED small power ball bubble, high-power LED ball bubble light source concentration, efficiency is higher, brightness is brighter. However, there are still some problems in LED high-power bulb, such as unclear positioning and difficult heat dissipation. So far, what are the current status and prospects of LED high power ball bubble? Where are the trends in the future?

first we try to understand the LED bulb: LED bulb lamp refers to the appearance of the shape of the bulb are used, the internal light source selection LED lamp lighting products, it has the advantages of all LED lamps, such as energy saving, environmental protection, long service life, no flicker, green health etc.. A high power LED is a light emitting diode with a high rated operating current. Ordinary LED products power is generally 0.05W, work current is 20mA, and high-power LED products can reach 1W, 2W, or even dozens of watts, the working current can be tens of mA to several hundred mA range.

LED bulb is divided into two types: high power LED bulb and small power LED bulb lamp, mainly to distinguish more carefully, because of high power LED bulb and small power lamp brightness compared to lighter, higher prices, the quality is better. Therefore, in order to buy in favor of consumer choice, LED bulbs are naturally divided into two.

LED bulb of the future development trend of

according to industry analysts, the future of high-power energy-saving lamp replacement is an irreversible trend of development of the industry, and the high power LED bulb is an excellent “ to replace the ” products, but also a breakthrough “ bulb ” expand “ place ”. In other words, the application of high-power energy-saving lamps and LED high-power ball bubble almost completely fit, and LED high-power bulb has an unparalleled advantage of energy-saving lamps, the market prospect of this segment will be very broad. And can not eat this market “ cake, ”, lies in the LED high-power ball bubble can improve technology, improve production capacity and cost performance.

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