LED three proof lamp manufacturers strive for environmental protection and create new heights
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In 2016, the world earth cleaning day came, a remarkable Festival aimed at reducing the burden of the environment with a more environmentally friendly attitude towards life. At present, the market or our high sodium light is far more than the real energy-saving LED lights, and this is where we are now in urgent need of reform. LED lights as a representative of such, need to be extended to the country as soon as possible, reduce the cost of lighting, so that everyone can consume, it can not only save energy, but also has a great role in promoting the cause of environmental protection.

according to the story, the LED lamp has the advantage: high quality light, basically no radiation, can do no stroboscopic, typical of the green lighting; reliable and durable, very low maintenance costs, long service life and stable, with 100 thousand small, only 50% of the initial decay, caused by any pollution to the environment can be. At present, LED can not be universal barrier is the cost of the problem, if the cost of solving the problem, I believe that the future belongs to the LED.

LED three proof lamp manufacturers carefully analyzed some characteristics of LED lights, and found that its working voltage is low, more than 1.4 - 3V, ordinary LED operating current is only 10mA, ultra high brightness is only 1A. If the isolated driving power and the insulating lamp body can be used, the use safety can be greatly improved. LED do not add “ ” mercury lamp in the production process, also do not need to be inflated, does not need the glass shell, good impact resistance, good shock resistance, not easily broken, very convenient transportation, environmental protection, green energy is called ” ”. The initial design of the

LED lamp, is for energy conservation and environmental protection, energy conservation and environmental protection as the theme of the world is currently accepted, with characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection products rate is relatively high, but the future I believe, energy saving and environmental protection is becoming the theme of life. LED lights in accordance with this situation to develop, and do not change the original intention, then the future of the lighting industry's first position, must be unquestionable. Of course, LED manufacturers also need to be innovative at all times, and constantly enhance the competitiveness of the industry, and continue to improve on the basis of the original.

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