What are the obstacles to the popularity of LED lighting?
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We all know that the LED lamp has very much a little, such as long service life, energy saving, environmental protection, small decline and so on, but in the market, LED did not sweep all imagined directly the king. What hindered the expansion of the LED light bulb? The first aspect is the price factor

: here refers to the purchase price is high, although the use of low cost, but if the electricity is not a long time, the cost of buying + use cost a long time and can achieve the balance. The fluorescent lamp as an example, a tube to the ordinary fluorescent lamp 100 yuan, only 10 yuan, a difference of 10 times, while saving, but the general user usually does not buy so expensive, such as home electricity a month of electricity was less than 100 yuan, the electricity for lighting and only ten yuan.. How long will it take to save it?.. And most of the consumer psychology, you spend ten yuan per month, you will spend, if you spend 100 yuan a time, you will think about it. To overcome this obstacle, there is only one way to make a breakthrough in technology and to reduce the cost of production, so that the selling price will be lowered. The second aspect is the opposite of


1. irradiation angle, LED irradiation angle relatively narrow, unlike incandescent or fluorescent lamps, not related to the actual parameters, assuming that the data words, if the two is 360 degrees, the LED angle may be only 180 degrees left and right, but actually the light, the general direction, like the roof lights, you want the roof under lights, ceiling above is basically useless, firing back there will be loss, as well as direct irradiation. So most occasions, LED replacement is no problem.

2. heat problem, although LED is cold light, there is indeed a fever, especially the volume of the device is so small, but also so powerful, so we must do the heat, the heat can not be solved, will affect the service life of the lamp. The service life is not guaranteed, the price is expensive, so consumers do not use LED lights, is also expected.

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