Dimming compatibility is one of the factors that hinder the promotion of LED lamps
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Speaking of LED lamps, the first time we must think of energy conservation, as a representative of energy-saving lamps and lanterns LED received many consumers love. In addition to the support of national policies, and gradually eliminated incandescent lamps, it is certain that the future belongs to the LED lamps. At present, there are two factors that hinder the promotion of LED lamps, one is the expensive cost of production, the other is dimming compatibility. The following is mainly about the dimming compatibility.

currently on the market the most common dimming method has three kinds: PWM dimming, triac dimming and linear dimming. These three kinds of dimming methods have advantages and disadvantages, PWM dimming is now considered to be the LED dimming technology with the highest potential, the utility model has the advantages of simple, high efficiency, high accuracy, and the dimming effect is very good, the disadvantage is the noise will appear at run time.

SCR dimming dimming, dimming is used in LED the most widely used earlier, is mainly used for dimming incandescent lamp. The main advantage is that the efficiency is relatively high and the performance is stable. The disadvantage is that after the thyristor is controlled, a current is needed to maintain the conduction, otherwise it will return to the cut-off state.

linear dimming is mainly based on the simple differential pressure principle, the utility model has the advantages of simple application, no interference, is not flexible, low efficiency, and reduce the current when LED, will cause the shift to the yellow white LED spectrum, but also because the pressure generated too much heat. Select the three

dimming of the LED lamp popularity promotion is not very good, so we need a new dimming method based on a LED lamp dimming mode research. So

dimmer compatibility is still LED light barriers

for most consumers, the purchase of LED lighting is a frustrating experience. Most of the LED light bulbs are not available because you buy them home, so many light fixtures are not compatible with dimming problems. To solve the 100%

dimmer compatibility is very complex, because involves 4 key parameters: flicker function; steady state; smooth dimming and dimming range; (maximum minimum). How to solve the

dimmer compatibility LED lamp perfect, is one of the important factors that determines the speed of the popularity of LED lighting.

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