Big event, LED street lighting market suffered a crisis of confidence
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Energy saving and environmental protection is the trend of today's society, as governments continue to guide and promote LED lighting products, energy saving, energy saving and environmental protection touted by the market, LED lighting industry in the forefront of popular investment, big and small brands and factories such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain emerged at home and abroad, the local government also have strong investment the resources will be LED lighting as a key industry support. The key in 2014 as a global ban incandescent lamp, incandescent lamp will gradually withdraw from the stage of history, LED lighting products prices continue to decline, the price has entered the mass market can accept the sweet spot. However, the market PK between enterprises is not focused on product quality, cost performance, etc., but the big price war. As we all know, large-scale production is the key to reduce costs, in the case of mass production can not be achieved, and blindly reduce product prices, product quality will be difficult to guarantee. We can foresee that the crisis of confidence in LED lighting market is coming.

general products is the lifeblood of enterprises, and the quality is the enterprise survival and development. Although the state has formulated and promulgated the relevant standards, provides a standard basis to solve the lack of industry standards and the quality of the products, but because the LED street lamp industry chain involves many aspects, some relevant standards have to be improved and perfected.

LED street lighting industry confusion, LED industry standard is missing, there is no standard to judge the quality of. LED street lighting industry developed rapidly, relatively speaking, the standard from formulation to promulgation and implementation of the process is relatively long, and many experts in the industry seems, LED street lamp standards can not keep up with the pace of industrial development. Some enterprises sigh standard for long time, some even have out standard, but to restrict the speed and scale of development of the industry, and short-sighted enterprises only want to make a quick buck, the standard is not unified before looting, disrupted the market order, affect the LED lighting industry healthy and orderly development.

many lighting companies are waiting, I hope the introduction of perfect national standard as soon as possible, to guide the development of LED lighting industry. However, some enterprises believe that the national standards are not as good as the industry standards, the industry standards are not as good as the enterprise standards, and the national standards may become a hotbed for the protection of the weak. Is the national standard the touchstone of the LED street lighting industry?

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