LED knowledge, how to choose the LED lamps?
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New home decoration, how to choose the right lamps and lanterns, the new selection of lamps and lanterns should not only match the style of house decoration, but also pay attention to whether lamps and lanterns will affect people's health. Many people think that lamps and lanterns do not affect people's health, but they are wrong. With the emergence of a variety of lamps, there is also a word “ light pollution ”, so in the selection of the need for extra attention. Here on the small series for everyone to introduce how to choose lamps, especially LED lamps and lanterns.

1, LED lamp not more bright and better

many consumers in the purchase of LED lamps, are generally selected high brightness, between the white LED lamp and LED lamp warm, generally choose white LED light, just because the highest brightness white LED lamp, this is actually a misunderstanding. In our long-term residence and stay occasions, the most should choose is 4000K below color temperature of warm LED lamps, this lamp not only meet the lighting requirements, to protect the eyesight of the human body is also of great significance. What

2, select light

harmonic less harmonic content is? Many consumers on the harmonic is relatively strange, so in the selection of lamps and lanterns, there is no need to consider harmonic factors, in fact, the harmonic of the choice of LED lamps have a certain effect.

harmonic (harmonicwave), in the strict sense, refers to the harmonic current in power with frequency is integer times fundamental, generally refers to the periodic non sinusoidal power Fourier decomposition, electric current is greater than the rest of the fundamental frequency of. Broadly speaking, the frequency of single frequency AC grid effective component, so any different composition and frequency can be called harmonic, then the word “ meaning ” harmonic has become somewhat inconsistent with the original intention. There are many kinds of

harmonic harm, so understanding the harmonic, LED lamps can be better. How to judge harmonic quickly? Just take a transistor radio, close to the LED light, and if the radio is noisy, the higher the harmonic content of the LED light, the more severe the radio interference. It is recommended not to buy harmonic LED lamps.

3, pay attention to the impact

stroboscopic stroboscopic effect is a term that is at a certain frequency of the light, moving objects observed appear stationary or different from the actual motion state of the phenomenon. Strobe is familiar to us when we are here. The main hazard to people by stroboscopic light is that they affect vision. If you stay under the strobe for a long time, your eyesight will gradually weaken. So, choose lamps and lanterns must pay attention to strobe effect.

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