How can I tell if the LED light belt is a "Shanzhai" edition?
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Production of LED lights, LED band technology is not very difficult, the threshold is relatively low, so the production of LED lights with many people. Therefore, led to the LED lamp market with uneven quality lamps, many consumers because of the poor quality of the purchase of LED lights, so LED lights will have a psychological conflict, that quality is not good. So, before buying LED lights, you need to ask the experienced consumers how to tell whether the LED lamp band is “ or ”

identify whether the “ LED lights with a copycat version of ”, can be distinguished from six aspects:

packaging; LED lamp with regular use of anti-static will reel disc packaging, usually a roll of 5 meters or 10 meters volume, then to the outside and use of anti-static moisture-proof packaging bag sealing. The cottage version of the LED light band will be used to save the cost of recycling rolls, and then there is no anti-static moisture-proof packaging bags, a closer look at the reel, you can see the appearance of cleaning labels left traces and scratches. Look at the

label; LED lamp with regular packing bag and a coiling tray will have printing labels instead of printing labels. The Shanzhai version of the label is printed, while specifications and parameters are not uniform. See Annex

; LED lamp with formal will attach instructions and specifications in the lights inside the boxes, also equipped with LED lights with a connector or card holder; not the accessories and LED lamp with copycat version of the box, because they can save a province. Look at the

solder joint; LED lamp LED lamp with a formal manufacturer with using SMT SMD technology, used in the production of solder paste and reflow process. Therefore, the solder joint on the LED light band is smoother and the solder flux is not much, and the solder joint is in an arc shape extending from the FPC pad to the LED electrode. However, the solder joints of the LED lights in the Shanzhai version are not uniform, and most of them appear as a dot to weld the feet. At the same time, there are different degrees of tin tip, which is a typical phenomenon of manual welding. FPC FPC

quality; copper and rolled copper two, copper clad plate of copper foil is protruding, take a closer look can look out from the connection pads and FPC. The rolling copper is closely connected with FPC, and can be bent at any time without the phenomenon of pad falling off. If the copper plate is bent too much, the pad will fall off and the temperature will be too high to cause the pad to fall off.

see LED lamp with surface cleanliness; if the LED lamp produced by SMT technology, the surface cleanliness is very good, can not see what impurities and dirt. However, if you use hand welding process produced cottage version of LED lights, regardless of how the surface cleaning, there will be traces of stains and cleaning, and at the same time on the surface of FPC will have soldering flux and tin residue.

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