Lamps for vision protection: LED eye lamp
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The LED eye lamp was once the rage and was loved by the public for its ability to protect its eyes. But now the LED eye lamp is not well known in the LED family, and many have not even heard of it. The reason is LED Huwendeng price is relatively expensive, and there is no uniform standards, quality is uneven, some LED Huwendeng is “ name ”, but did not have the unique features of the LED eye: protect eyesight, so gradually unknown. In fact,

top LED Huwendeng on people's strength has a good protective effect. Walking on the street, we can see that there are so many people wearing glasses, and even to see the pupils wearing glasses, we can see that people do not attach great importance to the protection of sight. Glasses serve as a window for us to touch the outside world and protect our eyes and make our duty. The LED eye lamp is a good place to sit. What are the features of

LED eye lamp?

1 and energy saving: LED eye lamp with LED light source has low energy consumption and high efficiency. General 3/4W high-power LED lights can be compared with the traditional table lamp, and its brightness and breadth are fully qualified for reading and learning. Because LED Huwendeng has high photoelectric conversion efficiency, 150 hour power consumption only once, with such very good

. Environmental protection:

2, LED Huwendeng is made of non-toxic materials, traditional fluorescent lamps containing mercury pollution, and LED can also be recycled, no pollution

. And the traditional lamp light compared to not LED Huwendeng spectrum with heat and ultraviolet rays, no radiation, anti glare, cold light source, can be directly safe touch, is a new type of green, no pollution, no radiation and environmental protection light source.

3 and longevity: Theory LED lamp LED Huwendeng 10 years can not change the light bulb, is 80-100 times the ordinary light bulb, of course, the actual life of some partial differential

, but its service life is far more than other light bulb is undisputed.

4, health: light source does not contain tungsten, mercury and other toxic heavy metals. The semiconductor light source has no tungsten filament in an incandescent lamp, nor mercury in a fluorescent lamp or an energy-saving lamp.

5, security: the LED eye is used 12V low voltage DC power supply, and 36V is the minimum voltage to the human body can feel the power of less than 36V is safe for human

. The LED Huwendeng LED bulb using LED technology of the unique glass parts were easily broken, so use more safety


6, comfort: LED eye light with the DC power supply, will not like the use of alternating current will produce stroboscopic, LED Huwendeng emitted light is very soft, not

flashes, even open no dazzling feeling, really can do no stroboscopic, not dazzling, must be free of UV LED huwendeng.

7, protect eyesight: higher temperature, not a burden to the human eye, long time reading or work will not have eyes sore swollen phenomenon. With sixth

points, thus reducing the fatigue degree of the human eye, is of great help to protect eyesight.

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