Smart LED era, smart LED headlights heavy hit
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Study on high resolution LED

intelligent headlights, Mercedes Benz has finally made a breakthrough, and that the technology will light up the future life. Intelligence has always been our pursuit, from smart phones, smart robots to the smart LED headlights, we always believe that this is the future.

intelligent LED headlamps equipped with 84 individually controllable LED light source in the design, when the vehicle is traveling in a remote or corner lamp will automatically adjust, not only to illuminate the road ahead, the driver can also illuminate the road, the driver found the potential danger, greatly improve the safety factor.

in high-speed driving, automatic headlights will adjust the distance, to change the light curve and length change according to the speed of the change. In the face of oncoming vehicles, headlights will automatically adjust the angle, to prevent traffic safety influence others.

Benz has the technology of road test, but also did not disclose when the application. The vehicle's light, brightness and function are relevant to itself and the rest of the vehicle, and will be tested by the National Highway Safety Agency in the future.

intelligent LED lamp life, is essential for highway traffic safety play, can greatly reduce the potential risk factors, increase driving safety. This is very necessary for the car owners. So, the emergence of intelligent LED headlamps, will break the pattern of LED lamps, the future belongs to the intelligent LED headlamps.

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