Newell lighting: what are the advantages of LED fluorescent lamp?
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fluorescent lamp is a lamp of our common family, in the domestic use rate is very high. With the rise of LED technology, the fluorescent lamp to change Dynasties time, LED fluorescent lamp is gradually replace fluorescent lamp status. And the fluorescent lamp compared LED fluorescent lamp starting speed is faster, less power, no stroboscopic, less prone to visual fatigue, has a protective effect on the eyes, and it does not need the starter and ballast, the most important is the LED fluorescent lamp fluorescent lamp is more environmentally friendly than.

so that we can better understand and accept the LED fluorescent lamp, Newell lighting here to introduce the advantages of LED fluorescent lamp,

1 fluorescent lamp: environmental protection lamp

traditional contains a large amount of mercury vapor, mercury vapor will be essential if broken into the atmosphere. But LED fluorescent lamp does not use mercury at all, and LED product also does not contain lead, protect to the environment. LED fluorescent lamps are recognized as green lighting in twenty-first Century.


less heating phenomenon of traditional lamps will produce a lot of heat, but LED lighting is all the electrical energy into light energy, will not cause energy waste. And the documents, clothes will not fade.

3, no noise,

LED lamps do not produce noise, and the use of precision electronic instruments is a good choice. Suitable for libraries, offices and other occasions. The fluorescent lamp

4, eye protection

traditional using AC, it will have 100-120 times per second strobe. LED lamps are the direct conversion of AC to direct current, without blinking and protecting eyes.

5, no mosquitoes worry,

LED lamps do not produce ultraviolet light, so it won't be like traditional lamps. There are a lot of mosquitoes around the light source. The room will be cleaner, sanitary and tidy.

6 fluorescent lamp, adjustable voltage 80V245V

traditional is released by the high voltage rectifier to light, when the voltage decreases is not light up. The LED lights can be lit within a certain range of voltage, but also adjust the brightness.

7 power consumption, energy saving and long service life of

LED fluorescent lamp is a traditional fluorescent lamp 1/3, life is 10 times the traditional fluorescent lamp, long-term use without replacement can reduce labor costs. The utility model is more suitable for occasions difficult to replace.

8, solid and reliable,

LED light body itself is using epoxy resin, rather than traditional glass, more solid and reliable, even on the floor, LED will not easily damage, you can safely use.

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