Newell lighting: LED mining lighting purchase bear in mind
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as LED mining lamp manufacturers, often hear some customers to buy Lamps, encounter a variety of problems, not to buy the wrong power, is not used to buy defective, the lights dim. Therefore, Xiao Bian here to tell you about the purchase of LED mining lights should pay attention to matters.

LED industrial and mining lamps are mostly used in workshops, factories, or some coal mines, so the utilization rate is relatively high. Many users of workers is the greater the power of the miner's lamp, the brightness is bigger, so no matter in what places are selected high power lamps, the pursuit of the brightness of the purchase concept, waste a lot of unnecessary expenses. Then how to choose and buy, in order to achieve both cost savings, but also can not affect the lighting?

here, Xiaobian recommend that users purchase lamps before the first detailed understanding of the need of lighting situations, places space size? What is the power supply available on the occasion? The size of the lighting space determines the size of the power we want to buy. If the space is too small, the purchase of high-power lamps and lanterns, will lead to high brightness, glare, the user's experience is not good; too much space, the purchase of lamps power is not enough, it will affect vision. Also consider the top height of the lighting area. In fact, the best way is to put these factors a few times, and then in the purchase time to ask the salesperson, in order to choose the appropriate lamps and lanterns. Supply

lighting is also an important factor in determining whether the power supply controller of constant voltage and constant current, avoid because of rectifiers with noise and power grid, the light intensity is not stable, causing eye fatigue.

of mining lamp selection also need to take into account the heat lamp, because the heat lamp determines the service life of the lamp. Good heat radiation LED lamp, its service life can reach 100 thousand hours, so the choice, must be selected according to the LED heat lamp specification, to ensure the life, avoid frequent replacement, loss of unnecessary expenses.

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