Newell lighting: why is the price of LED lamps so expensive?
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Why is the price of

LED lamps so expensive? This is the problem that many LED lamps consumers want to know. With the gradual withdrawal of incandescent lamps market, LED lamp with its environmental protection, energy saving characteristics of the rapid occupation of the lamp market, but also because of its high prices and lost most of the market. At present, LED lamps market share of about half, but still can not break through, although there are energy-saving lamps and other lamps competition, but the root cause is because the price is too high. Why is the price of the

LED lamps so high? Because of its relatively high cost, especially for the domestic. Xiaobian summary, LED is expensive, because there are three main reasons: first,

, domestic LED industry does not have its own core technology. Many high-end LED technology is in the hands of European and American researchers, therefore, the domestic LED products are only in the production of products to occupy a minimum profit share. Because with the development and the development of LED chips, it will make extensive use of the overall cost of LED products decreased, but at present, the LED chip in China how much the use of imported technology, so the cost is very expensive.

secondly, LED products difficult to heat. Therefore, manufacturers in the production of LED products, often spend a certain amount of cost on the production of radiator parts. Therefore, in order to reduce the price of LED products, we can start with shortening the heat dissipation cost.

finally, because the power is the weakest link of LED products, which accounted for 20% of the cost of all LED products, therefore, if the manufacturers improve the LED application power tube

physical quality of the device, the power management technology of cost control in about 5%-10%, it can largely reduce the cost of LED products.

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