Newell lighting: LED ceiling lamp in the process of attention
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LED note:

1 ceiling lamps, LED ceiling lamps do not change the structure of

in cleaning and maintenance should be careful not to change the structure of LED ceiling lamps, LED ceiling lamps do not replace the parts in the cleaning and maintenance should be ended, as is the LED ceiling lamps installed, not missing and wrong loading LED ceiling parts.

2, LED ceiling lamps product manual

buy LED ceiling lamps and other LED lamps, do not install, should look carefully labeled LED lamps and read the installation instructions, according to the provisions of the manual installation and use of lamps, otherwise there may be danger.

3, do not frequently switch LED ceiling lamps

in the use of LED lamps do not frequently switch, because the LED ceiling in the frequent starting moment, the current through the filament current is greater than the normal working hours, the filament temperature increased sharply accelerated to sublimation, will greatly reduce the service life of LED lamps, switch frequency so to minimize LED ceiling lamps.

4 and LED note

clean suction dome light to prohibit the use of the use of chemical cleaning liquid LED lamp is unknown, it may damage the surface of LED resin, resin and even cause cracks, if necessary, please clean the LED immersion in alcohol at room temperature, time in a minute.

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