Newell lighting: three major skills for industrial LED lamps
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LED industrial and mining lamp is widely used in industry because of its energy saving, high brightness, and not easy to damage. In the LED industrial and mining lamp market, consumer choice, generally consider the price of the product, but in industrial use, the preferred factor is not considered the price, but the cost performance, choose products with higher performance price ratio. Then, how can we choose the products with higher performance to price ratio? Choose

1, according to the actual demand as the choice of coal mining lamp, oil and chemical industry more than to consider lighting demand can meet the requirements, but also waterproof and dustproof and other factors, and even the need to consider the explosion-proof requirements. This is the first restriction we choose elements of LED lamps, the purchase of general industrial light, not up to the requirements in terms of energy saving, buy cheap lamp lamp for your choice; the LED lamp ordinary price may be acceptable, but safety is not guaranteed, lamp replacement will bring a lot of every two or three days, not convenience to our work in general, the plant height is relatively high, the replacement lamps need to use professional escalator or elevator, which adds to the cost of our stealth. Therefore, the choice of lamps and lanterns of such enterprises need to consider whether the product meets the requirements of the national quality standards, whether it has passed the explosion-proof certification and so on.

2, considering the comprehensive performance

LED mining lamp, especially through the explosion-proof certification, military quality system certification, certification of the LED mining lamp, because in terms of both production and material will strictly enforce national standards, do not use inferior means of cutting corners to reduce product costs, so the price may be high than the general lighting. However, when buying an investment return is the product of high quality, is used not only to save electricity costs, saving lamps two purchase, maintenance and replacement costs, the key is to provide a reliable guarantee for the safe production of our.

3, suitable power, illumination and color temperature

this point is particularly professional, power LED mining lamp according to the actual lighting area, high power electricity will cause the waste of resources, low power and reach the lighting needs; also lamp illumination, color temperature and other conditions are also very important, the requirement of the production line high resolution, like textile industry needs high resolution lamps, this is we will recommend the use of color temperature at around 6000, illumination and other conditions are in line with the requirements of the product.

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