Newell lighting: lighting safety guarantee, LED three proof lamp features
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LED three proof lamp three proof lamp refers to: waterproof, dustproof, anti-corrosion this three proofing. The special protection against oxidation and anticorrosion material and silica gel sealing ring are adopted to realize the protection requirement of lamps and lanterns. Because LED three proof lamp has three protection features, make it suitable for outdoor wet, dusty, serious environment. Such as industrial land, parking lots, swimming pools, kitchens, food factories and tunnels. What are the features of the

LED three proof lamp?

1, the light efficiency energy-saving

high efficiency gas discharge light source, the average service life of 80 thousand hours, eliminating the need for frequent replacement lamp troubles and inconvenience. Equipped with new technology, capacitive energy-saving ballast, saving 20% compared to the same ballast, and can realize constant current output, greatly improve the service life of the light source.

2, professional design

integrated streamlined tube structure, uniform and soft light projection, fixed lighting is especially suitable for high roof, shed high places.

3, shell protection grade

corrosion protection grade IP65, grade WF2, shell never corrosion, never rust.

4, good shockproof performance

lightweight alloy material and high-tech spraying technology, shell never rust, no corrosion. The interior of the lamp body is double shock-absorbing by structure and material, and can work in a long time in various high frequency and strong vibration places.

5, the lamp body with good heat dissipation

whole lamp low temperature, good heat dissipation, can reduce the probability of failure. Energy saving ballast, electronic ballast with high power factor


with high power factor and low efficiency, no noise, long life, energy saving effect is better.

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