What should I pay attention to when selecting LED industrial and mining lamps?
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Many consumers in the purchase of LED industrial and mining lights, the first consideration is the LED industrial and mining lamp prices, the price factors in front of, think that as long as the expensive lamps and lanterns, its quality must be very good. In fact, this is a misunderstanding, and now LED mining lights market, the strength of various manufacturers, the quality of products produced is uneven. Although the quality is uneven, businesses are still selling labels with high quality products. So, in choosing LED industrial and mining lights, do not be confused by price factors.

now according to the reaction of the market, consumers will be the case: low price to buy high price; cautious buy; price outrageous Henbuxiaxin buy; sellers sell hard to buy; manufacturers comparison, found not the same, more is to buy. In short: in the purchase of LED industrial and mining lights, consumers have no goals, there is no clear direction of purchase, or do not know how to buy.

following Xiaobian introduce some choice knowledge, we hope to have some help to. The quality of

, LED mining lamp is configured. First, LED mining lamp chip with what brand of imported brands, high light efficiency, long life, small decline, stability. Two,

second power supply, power supply of poor quality is lack of basic power, is the lamp of your 100W, is actually 40-50w, it will affect the life of lamps.

three, and then look at the shell material, and purity of lamps prices also depends on the selection of high purity aluminum, the aluminum heat sink, using aluminum more naturally, only with the material reality, in order to ensure the radiating effect of the lamp.

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