To buy LED flat light, you need to consider two aspects
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LED flat panel lamp is ultra-thin, light, easy to install, energy saving, environmental protection, high brightness, no eye damage, no radiation and so on. Sought after by the vast numbers of consumers, but the market LED flat plate brand variety, and not so easy to buy, to the good. If you do not understand the LED flat light knowledge, in the market can only blindly follow the choice. Today, Xiao Bian for you to introduce, when buying LED flat light, you need to consider two aspects.

1, first look at the overall lighting work

we purchase the LED flat lamp, because businesses do not give you split the lamp out, we can only see the appearance, the appearance of fine workmanship, rounded clear, uniform light, no dark zone, high brightness. Lighting for a period of time to see whether the heat of the lamp is hot, and if it is too hot to show that there is a problem with heat dissipation, these are the details that should be paid attention to.

2, look at the driver

second can see that power, some businesses use power is plastic shell, some with waterproof, but now most of the businesses are used waterproof power supply, the power supply on the surface parameters can understand the input and output current of this power supply, can use what wattage, waterproof level, power factor, power factor of these parameters is higher the more power, contrary to lower power consumption, the power factor is between 0-1, the general can do PF is above 0.95, is power saving.

to buy LED light quality, not only can save power, but also to a certain extent, protect our eyes. Therefore, Xiao Bian in this proposal, not to save money and choose to buy some inferior lamps, after all, health is the most important.

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