Choose LED mining lights, the higher the power, okay?
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Once read a story like this, that is a consumer to the market to buy LED mining lamp, the boss he recommended a price of two, the same luminous flux of the same product, but different power, one is 6W, one is 8W. Consumers think about it, chose the 8W lamps, the boss strange ask him: why not choose 6W, consumers give the reason is the same price, why should I choose 6W, 8W is not larger than 6W? The boss shook his head only with a wry smile.

for this kind of things, are not uncommon in the LED lighting market, and consumers are not familiar with LED lamp, lamp that the greater the power, the natural brightness is high, the quality is better. The emergence of this situation shows that the LED lamps market is not yet mature. Consumers do not understand, others not because of the characteristics of LED lamps, LED lamps and buy; businesses do not actively guide consumers to understand LED lamps, just to cater to consumers, but also the cause of the market is not mature.

small story above, we have a doubt, why choose LED mining lamp, power is not the higher the better?

currently on the market, many consumers still decide the product quality in power stage, but the quality of products, the influence factors can not only one power supply, parts, structure and so on are, today Xiaobian want to say is, choose the LED mining lamp, power is not the higher the better, the right to power is the best choice. What is the appropriate

power? This needs to consider the LED industrial and mining lamp installation place, the place space size, has decided the selected lamps and lanterns power size. The place space is too big, should choose the high-power lamps and lanterns, can guarantee the brightness, if chooses the power not enough, the dim light, is harmful to human's eye. On the contrary, if the place space is too small, but choose high-power lamps and lanterns, it will be too light because of glare, affecting eye health, and power consumption is not large, not worthwhile.

buy LED mining lamp, power is not the bigger the better, but according to the installation space size, energy saving and other factors, select the appropriate power, is the best.

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