How to choose LED factory light manufacturer? What are the factors to consider?
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Now, with incandescent lamps gradually withdraw from the market, LED lighting has become the market trend, more and more businesses into the LED lighting market, more and more consumers feel the benefits of LED lamps, energy saving and convenient. Therefore, the development of LED lighting competition more fierce, various businesses to some, win with quality, to win some brands, some with reputation to win, diversification of competition, so that consumers in the choice of manufacturers, will be flawless, I do not know how to choose. In the choice of LED

workshop lamp manufacturers, we need to consider what factors necessary?

1, product quality: in the end, we choose the manufacturer's purpose is to buy Lamps, so we must first start from the lamp itself, lighting quality how, is the No. 1 cause of our choice. To judge the quality of a lamp, it is necessary to judge from the material, workmanship, heat dissipation, luminous flux, strobe or price of the lamp. There are many factors that affect the quality of a lamp product.

2, product certification: This is very important, we each to buy the same product, there will be a product quality certification (certificate), with certification of products, the quality of the quality standard of our country, can be assured to buy.

3, consider the size and strength of the manufacturer: the size of the manufacturer determines the strength of the manufacturer; and the strength of the manufacturer determines the quality and scientific nature of the products produced. Why are there so many defective products on the market now, that is because the strength of the manufacturers is different. The strength of the manufacturers, in order to ensure the quality of products, invest more capital and technology; and the strength of weak manufacturers, is to be good. Therefore, the size of manufacturers is also one of the necessary factors to consider.

4, the manufacturer customer service service: manufacturers customer service service is very important, for the LED plant lamp, we must understand that not to manufacturers, if we are in the process of using some of the problems encountered, can apply for customer service service, help. Manufacturers pay attention to after-sales service, you can see whether manufacturers care about the market evaluation of their products. If manufacturers do not pay attention to after-sales service, indicating that the strength of manufacturers is not enough, or manufacturers product quality is not enough. Choose good after-sales service manufacturers, for consumers is a guarantee.

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