LED what's the difference between the three proof lamp and the common three proof lamp?
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What's the difference between LED three proof lamp and common three proof lamp? First of all, we need to know what the three proof lamp is. Three three proofings lamp is waterproof, dustproof, anti oxidation, corrosion, using special materials and silicone seals to achieve lamp protection requirements, three proofings lamp can ensure the safety and reliability of the line, increase the service life of the lamp.

LED what's the essential difference between the three proof lamps and the three defenses? The most fundamental difference between them is that on the light source, the LED three proof lamp uses the LED light source, while the ordinary three proof lamp is not. LED light source is also known as long life light source, the general service life is fifty thousand to one hundred thousand hours. With the rapid rise of LED lamps, LED light is also widely used. The difference between

LED and three ordinary lamp, basically is the difference between the LED light source and light source, LED light source as the world's top light, compared with the ordinary light source, has a big advantage:

1, in the aspect of environmental protection: LED light source, no ultraviolet and infrared, low heat, no stroboscopic process good, can protect eyesight. And does not contain harmful elements such as mercury, is the real green lighting;

2, the service life of the three aspects: the ability of LED three lights and ordinary lights are similar, the service life of the lamp are able to play a protective role, but the light source and LED three light ordinary lamp is compared a lot of difference. LED light source has long been a guarantee of longevity, and now LED lamps can occupy such a large share of the market, with its service life is not unrelated.

3, in terms of energy saving: LED three proof lamp belongs to DC drive, the power consumption is very low, under the same lighting effect, the LED three proof lamp is more than 80% energy saving than the common three proof lamp. In today's energy shortage era, energy-saving effect of such a good lamp, received people's favorite, but also inevitable.

but LED three compared to ordinary light, also better place. That is the price, LED three proof lamp, because the use of LED light source, so its cost is much higher than the average three proof lamp, and also much higher in the sales price. For some consumers, LED triple lights are expensive items. LED lamps cost is too high, but also hinder the popularity of LED lamps and lanterns one of the important factors.

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