Determine the quality of LED industrial and mining lamps, the quality of the factors, heat dissipation?
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LED industrial and mining lamp popularity is more and more high, the user in the choice of LED industrial and mining lights, also more and more cautious, this is why? Now

LED mining lamp market becomes increasingly chaotic, uneven quality, so it is difficult to identify, for the understanding of LED mining lamp consumers, often inadvertently, is to buy the inferior lamps, which further against the enthusiasm of consumers to use LED lamp. LED industrial and mining lights belong to high-tech products, and there is no certain strength, certain technical businesses, it is not able to produce qualified products.

LED products because of the rapid rise in the global, led to a lot of businesses into the LED industry, although the business is much, but the quality of LED products decreased. Why is that? Investigate root knot bottom, or technical problems, to produce a qualified LED products, technology is guaranteed. How many businesses are now on the market because the technology is no guarantee, but still produce some unqualified LED mining lamp, into the market, which not only disturb the market, quality is down to a certain extent, LED mining lamp. It has hindered the popularization of LED industrial and mining lamps. How to

chaotic market, to choose the qualified LED mining lamp? That's what every consumer cares about. To buy qualified LED mining lights, as long as we look at the LED furnace lamp heat performance, how can we judge. The better the heat dissipation, the quality of the lamp must be better. Therefore, it is recommended that consumers buy Lamps and lanterns, pay attention to look at the cooling performance of lamps.

for a lamp, the most important is the problem of heat dissipation, heat dissipation is solved, the service life is not guaranteed. Because of poor heat dissipation, the work of lamps and lanterns in the project, the heat emitted by the transmission does not go out, will seriously affect the service life of lamps. Therefore, both manufacturers and consumers should pay attention to the influence of heat dissipation on lamps.

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