Why do you choose LED tunnel lights and LED tunnel lights?
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LED tunnel lamp is mainly used in tunnels, workshops, large warehouses, stadiums, metallurgy and all kinds of plant areas, engineering construction and other places, the most suitable for urban landscape, billboards, building facades for landscaping lighting.

why choose LED tunnel lights, LED tunnel lights have what advantage? The main advantage of

LED tunnel lamp is set on the light source, LED light source and compared to the traditional tunnel lighting, energy saving, brightness is more brighter, its main advantage lies in four points:

1, a small decline in the heat: If good condition, before LED 10000h is light, before the 10000h decay is 3% 10%, 50000h is 30%, far lower than the ordinary road lighting light source, lighting more stable.

2, high color: General LED color is about 70 ~ 80, if you use three color phosphor more high; general high pressure sodium lamp is 20 ~ 35, the low pressure sodium lamp is lower, so even if the traditional light source brightness is higher than that of LED, but the visual effect is poor in LED, “ is not the brightest, but see the most clear ” this should be a direction of development of the application of LED light source.

3, life: LED life expectancy is higher than the general road tunnel lighting source, is now generally higher than 50000H. Price: LED

4, although the price cap than traditional lighting, but with the maturity of the manufacturing technology, the price is now in continuous decline,

high low pressure sodium lamp generally set the price at 2000 yuan, while the price is higher than the cable accessories LED cable and other expenses.

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