LED lighting penetration upgrade, downstream applications open up new blue ocean
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With technological innovation and cost decline, LED downstream applications accelerated expansion, lighting has become LED's largest downstream application market. The agency expects this year's global LED lighting market will reach 29 billion 600 million U. s.dollars, by 2017 is expected to reach 33 billion 100 million U. s.dollars, the market penetration will exceed 52%. LED has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection and long service life. At present, only 10% of the energy consumed by ordinary incandescent lamps can be converted into light energy, and the utilization rate of LED lamps can reach 90%, and LED lighting can save nearly 90% of electric energy compared with incandescent lamps, saving 75% compared to ordinary energy-saving lamps. At present, China's lighting electricity consumption accounts for about 13% of the total electricity consumption, such as the realization of all LED lighting products will be replaced by 350 billion kwh per year. In recent years, countries have launched

banned incandescent lamp schedule. As early as 2012, the European Union, Japan and Canada had banned incandescent lamps altogether. Since 2014, the United States has banned the sale of 40W, 60W, 75W and 100W incandescent bulbs. At the same time, our country also prohibits the import and sale of 60W and above incandescent lamp. With the LED bulb prices down, the future market penetration will be further enhanced. Data show that in October, the global replacement of 40 Watt and 60 watt incandescent LED light bulbs retail prices have declined.

in addition, LED also has the broad application prospect in the infrared and ultraviolet region. Among them, infrared LED is mainly used for security monitoring and sensors, security monitoring, infrared LED in the automotive electronics field, can be used for night vision system. At present, many manufacturers are actively layout infrared and ultraviolet light LED field, OSRAM using a specific wavelength of 850nm infrared LED can achieve night 150 meters outside the road conditions detection. Ford developed infrared LED headlamps can help drivers driving at night when pedestrians, riders and other obstacles in monitoring. In addition, infrared LED can also be used to monitor the driver's driving situation, such as leaving the road running, warning, etc., infrared LED monitoring will provide more reliable road information for car automatic driving.

from the sensor field of view, this year, Samsung introduced a new generation flagship mobile phone LED uses an infrared sensor to collocation iris recognition technology, using infrared emission infrared light source LED toward the eye, even in the special environment, also has a high rate of iris recognition. Infrared LED can also be used in eye tracking systems, which use infrared LED to emit specific wavelengths of infrared light, record the amount of light reflected from the eyes, and use this information to identify the direction of the user's viewing. The system will change the existing human-computer interaction mode, can accurately display the user's view of the relevant information, adjust the display or projection position of the scene. Future development of infrared LED huge space, is expected this year the size of the infrared LED market will exceed $300 million, by 2020 is expected to reach $711 million.

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