LED industrial and mining lights to buy three to see
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LED industrial and mining lights market confusion, and want to buy the right lamps and lanterns, it takes some skills. How to choose LED industrial and mining lights is a problem that consumers have been facing.

buy LED mining lamp to three to see:

see product identification is complete, its manufacturer name, address, trademark, model, rated voltage, rated frequency, rated power, conform to specifications and check the product model inspection report and safety certificate, electrical parameters are correctly identified;

two the light power line is the CCC safety certification mark, the external conductor cross-sectional area should not be less than 0.75mm2; three

light charged body is exposed, the light source into the holder, the fingers should not touch the metal cap with electricity.

well above “ three ”, dare not say to buy quality products, but at least the quality is guaranteed. Unlike some markdowns, the price is low, but the quality is poor. Choose LED industrial and mining lights, must not be greedy for petty gains, it is impractical to know that a penny and a little goods, buy the best goods at the least price.

so, when choosing LED mining lamp, not only consider the price level to do careful examination of various performance, ensure lamps of various types, do not see the low price, can not wait to buy; don't look at the high price on the parrot. To have a set of criteria in your mind, buy it after careful inspection.

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