What problems should be paid attention to when applying the LED tunnel light in the tunnel?
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The tunnel is the main structure of the expressway in mountainous area, because of its special structure, the tunnel cannot direct sunshine, ” “ or “ ” black hole white hole effect mutation to solve the vehicle into or out of the tunnel to produce visual brightness, long lighting in the tunnel. The common tunnel lighting fixture is LED tunnel lamp, which should pay attention to the following problems in application to tunnel lighting:

1 and glare control. In tunnel lighting, glare should be kept to a minimum to ensure sufficient visibility during driving. Generally, in tunnel lighting, the high brightness LED is adopted as the light source, the light distribution is uniform, the light is soft and comfortable, and the uncomfortable glare phenomenon is avoided, so as to ensure the safety of driving.

2, illumination uniformity. LED tunnel lights are used in tunnel lighting for uniform illumination. In tunnel, the ratio of minimum brightness to average luminance of wall and road surface below 2m is uniformity. Even illuminance helps drivers to see the condition of the road and avoid traffic accidents.

3, eliminate the “ blinking effect, ”. The main reason for the “ scintillation effect of ” is the improper arrangement of the luminaire spacing, resulting in changes in brightness, cycle, and sexual intercourse, causing discomfort in the driver's line of sight. Therefore, in the installation of LED tunnel lights, should pay attention to reasonable layout, effectively plan the distance between lights and lights, to avoid “ flashing effect ”.

4, emergency lighting. Besides conventional LED lighting, emergency lighting is essential in the tunnel. In the tunnel, when emergency happens, emergency LED lighting can provide proper illumination in a very short event, so that the driver can avoid accidents. It also includes LED emergency instructions to ensure that the vehicle is ordered and safe in the event of an emergency through the tunnel.

5, tunnel partition. In the long tunnel lighting design, LED tunnel lights should be based on the tunnel of different regions different set of lighting design, such as in the tunnel entrance section of the lighting brightness should be higher than the middle section and transition section, the driver has to adapt to driving into the tunnel from the tunnel lay caused discomfort, as well as economic security with the utility of tunnel lighting.

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