LED workshop lights: requirements for lighting of premises
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The plant is generally relatively dim light, so the studio requires the use of light, but not all of the lamps are suitable for use in the factory, plant lighting is required for lamps, can also be said in the selection of lamps, need to take into account some factors of plant. The most common lighting in the factory now is the LED workshop lamp. What are the requirements for

plant lighting lamps:

1, plant height: plant height is relatively high, so in the choice of lamps, to take into account the plant because of the high lead lamp brightness is not enough, can not achieve the desired effect of lighting.

2, shelf height: shelf height should also be taken into account before installation, more reasonable installation, scientific, select the appropriate installation location, the maximum use of light energy.

3, the lamp brightness requirements: the workshop area is generally very large, so the brightness of the lamp has a very high demand, but also in the plant, the goods have some logo, the brightness is not enough, the shipping time will delay the unnecessary time.

4, safety lamp: plant environment is not very good, so the safety requirements of luminaires is high, dust-proof, anti-corrosion, explosion-proof performance are necessary, to ensure safe operation of lamps.

5, lamp life: the replacement of lighting is more troublesome, and in terms of cost control, it should not be replaced frequently. Therefore, the selected lamps need to meet the long service life and high stability products.

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