Four mistakes in choosing LED three proof lamp
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There are four mistakes in the selection of LED three lights, you know?

1, over valued

brightness many consumers in the purchase LED three proofings lamp, are high brightness products, higher brightness that the better, in fact. Different occasions, the demand for lighting brightness is different, and the pursuit of brightness is not only a waste, but also to some extent, affect people's vision. Before choosing lamps, it is best to confirm the location of the demand brightness, and then choose.

2, the pursuit of the appearance, function more useless

product function, price is higher, but we are aware of these functions is not what we need, if not we need, but businesses in order to Bo eye wear, in the course of practice, not what it. Then what is the use of the function. We should consider simple and practical.

3, over valued price

prices reflect the cost of the product level, consumers in the choice of three LED lights, the first concern is the price level. Some consumers will think that the higher the price, the higher the quality of the product, this concept of consumption is wrong. Low price LED three party lamp quality can not be guaranteed, but the high price of LED three proof lamp may also have virtual high component. So the price of the product needs to be paid attention to, but there is no need to make the price the only factor.

4, the service life of the product is

LED influence the service life of the product, is the nominal can reach 100000 hours, but in real operation, up to 100000 hours is not possible, the service life of LED products will also receive many factors, so the nominal service life and the actual service life is the gap. So when choosing LED three lights, not only to pay attention to life, should pay attention to the product the decay speed.

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