Three problems should be paid attention to when choosing LED industrial and mining lamps
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LED lamp because of its durability, energy saving, more and more family favorite, but because of the LED lighting development too fast, awareness of LED lamps is not comprehensive, so when choosing LED lamps, not clear what issues need attention.

buy LED mining lamp, complete information need to pay attention to the three problems of

1, product information is complete

LED lamps include: product source, according to the standard (product standards, quality guarantee), the basic performance parameters (voltage, current, power, harmonic current and other indicators of electrical parameters; containing flux and light effect, beam angle indicator light parameters; color temperature and color rendering index of color parameters; light, etc.) at the time of purchase, pay attention to these factors, a judgment of the quality of the products.

2, whether the product certification

for LED mining lamp purchase, need to check whether the product certification, product certification of LED include: 3C certification, CE certification, UL certification, GS certification. The most common in China are 3C certification and CE certification. These products are certified to confirm whether the product has quality guarantee.

3, watch the trial, color and heat

if businesses can allow, try running it again, look at the change and the heat dissipation of LED lamp light color, to determine the product quality. If you see the product color within a short period of time, there is yellow light into white light, or a white light into a blue white light, indicating that the quality of the light source of the product is not good enough, it is recommended not to buy. After the

LED lamp is started, the product surface temperature can be contacted, and the product heat dissipation can be detected. High quality LED lamps are stable in 30 minutes. If the surface temperature continues to rise in 1 hours, do not choose the product because the factors such as heat dissipation will affect the product life.

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