Four major problems affecting the popularization of LED solar street lamps
Date: 2017-01-05 11:14:19 Hits: 797

China's LED solar street lighting technology has been continuous progress, stability has been greatly strengthened. However, in the popularity rate, it can not be perfect. If we want to do a good job in popularizing LED solar street lamps, we should pay attention to four major problems.

1, LED solar street lamp with high cost, now in the city construction, especially the city lighting project, most still use the traditional street lamps, solar street lamp LED is because the cost is too high, if according to the normal design and production would be unprofitable, a project to use the LED solar lights, began to cut corners the configuration, quality and system of products is reduced, the product quality can not be guaranteed, the consequences is very serious, so the cost control and reduce is a must.

2, LED solar street lamp industry involved in science and technology at present has been very mature, but also the failure of LED solar lights when in use, so LED solar street lamp to establish quality perfect supervision mechanism is also very important.

3, LED solar street lamp is a new product, and the related standards are not perfect, so it is urgent to establish the industry standards for their own place.

4, good products and timely management and maintenance can effectively improve the service life of LED solar street lamps. Therefore, a good long-term service mechanism is essential.

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