From 2017, the LED light bulb retail prices were $6.9
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Since 2012, the global LED lighting retail price trend of the previous data, LED bulb price showed a downward trend year by year, 2012-2016 years to replace 40W incandescent lamp bulb prices LED compound annual decline of 18%, to replace 60W incandescent lamp bulb prices down 24% years composite LED. Since the beginning of

2017, LEDinside has updated the global LED bulb retail price database system in order to more accurately reflect the average price of LED bulbs in all regions of the world. In January 2017, the global retail price of LED bulbs, which replaced the 40W incandescent bulbs, was $6.9, according to new data, and the average retail price of LED bulbs, which replaced 60 watt incandescent bulbs, was $8.4.

2016-2021 Chinese LED energy-saving bulb industry market demand and investment consulting report shows that from a regional perspective, whether it is to replace 40W or 60W, the average price in Japan were the highest, which replaced the 40W average price of $9.4, the average price of $11.8 instead of 60W. The Japanese market, mainly dominated by local brands, including Toshiba, Matsushita, iRIS, MITSUBISHI, Hitachi and other European and Japanese brands, LED lighting not only in Japan. The higher the price, the prices are higher in other areas. China's lowest price region, which replaces 40W, has an average retail price of $4, replacing 60W's retail average of $5.7.

China market mainly including Philips, Osram and other international brands and FSL, NVC, OPPLE and other well-known brands of lighting Chinese, China, is the main production base of global LED bulb price, Chinese, including Philips, Osram and other international brands OEM factory are mainly set in, so the average price of the market is relatively low. Other regions, Europe and the United States prices are higher, second only to Japan, South Korea and China Taiwan region followed.

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