2017, LED lamps prices continue to rise, the purchase of timely
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Recently, the media reported M.L.S. insiders, Linsen lighting lamp parts prices will increase by 15% and now implemented, in order to reduce the pressure brought by the rising prices of raw materials.

before, Sanan optoelectronics fired the first shot of the new year price. According to the letter of the price, the rapid rise in prices of raw materials based on the cost is increasing rapidly, Sanan optoelectronics decided since January 10, 2017, the S-30MB/S-32BB series product price increase of 8%. According to the relevant

agency released the China manufacturing index shows that industrial inflationary pressures remained significant. In December 2016, the average price of inputs hit the most significant increase since March 2011. Output prices also rose sharply, but were slightly slower than the 69 - month record hit in November.

and just this week, due to the rising prices of raw materials, DuPont high performance materials division announced an increase in all Chinese DuPont TMDelrin specifications in the mainland and Taiwan area prices rose to $0.25 per kg. The new price will come into effect on February 15, 2017.

raised all at the same time, DuPont TMZytel nylon products prices in the global scope, or $0.3 per kg, but also have a more substantial price for some special specifications! The new price will be effective from February 2017 15 onwards.

and from the beginning of 2017 after a number of domestic and foreign engineering plastics enterprises, such as BASF, Solvay, EMS, DSM, Sabic, Changchun Taiwan has officially announced the engineering plastic products under the price increases, price increases from 1 yuan to 4 yuan ranging from /kg to /kg. Analysis of

industry, to the first half of 2017 so far, the material price should remain at a high level, which will cause great pressure on the cost of downstream processing enterprises.

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