Our successful acquisition of OSRAM, Chinese LED lighting the future direction
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After OSRAM announced the acquisition of German general lighting business M.L.S. finally. OSRAM officially announced the deal has been approved by the Committee on foreign investment in the United States, and Linsen also announced that it will completely in 2017 to complete the transfer, with OSRAM's brand influence, vigorously develop the LED lighting market. OSRAM general lighting business

the Linsen acquired throughout many parts of the world, and countries, so OSRAM overseas assets need to delivery of a number of countries and regions of the audit: the United States, Poland, Macedonia, Turkey, Germany, Mexico, etc.. China and the United States for cross-border mergers and acquisitions of overseas enterprise audit is very strict, in December 2016, President Obama has banned Ace semiconductor companies in Germany will America business sold to Chinese enterprises.

but this is common in Linsen lighting business of OSRAM, is not related to high technology, such as national security, so progress is also more successful.

the transaction involves the subject of a main home lighting business, intelligent lighting business, the traditional source Home Furnishing LED lighting and lighting business of OSRAM subsidiary Lund Vance.

give up this piece of business, in the OSRAM towards the high-end areas at the same time, the LED industry is in favor of the capital market in china.

LED is a new type of energy-saving light source, and has green, environmental protection, high efficiency, energy saving, high-tech and other halo. It attracted the attention of the market, but also triggered an upsurge of investment in the whole society. It is also for this reason, competitors stampede in makes the market was saturated, the stock market will gradually release, plus long life LED lighting products, the next period of time with the decline in market demand, enterprises will enter a period of integration. In recent years, many companies use their own advantages to integrate resources, but also the industry from the excess to maturity, and for investors, it is not a bad thing.

overall, lighting is a more distinctive characteristics of the industry, its products are used in all walks of life and family. And with the current interoperability, cross-border integration has become hot, the Internet, intelligence is becoming hot. The controllability of LED makes this kind of lighting products ubiquitous. If we add the functions related to city life, management and work, there will be a broader space for development. At the same time

, LED lighting products have the characteristics of light, color, if the strengthening of research and test the application can promote the LED in agriculture, health care, medical field. In short, if the integration of related technologies to LED lighting products, so as to become a platform, will greatly enhance the added value of lighting products, to expand the LED lighting business space.

according to statistics, in 2017 the global LED lighting market scale will reach $33 billion 100 million, LED lighting penetration will reach 52%.

now, LED lighting market in China is developing rapidly, with changes in consumer demand, only segments, professional, personalized and customized lighting solutions can be recognized by the market.

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