LED lighting brand extension strategy, "careful" into "trap"
Date: 2017-02-15 09:52:55 Hits: 564

Whether it is a leading brand or small and medium-sized brand, many enterprises in order to build a strong brand in order to obtain greater market share, and the implementation of “ brand extension ” strategy has become a common phenomenon. As for LED enterprises, brand extension is “ ” or “ ” trap pie?

in brand extension, some enterprises are not from the consumer point of view, there is no correlation and positioning the core brand into old and new products, the same brand in two incompatible products. Some enterprises do not have brand extension conditions, or is not clear brand value, blindly follow the ” “, and the results have great negative impact on the original brand, the brand development is extremely unfavorable.

therefore, enterprise brand extension, have a high correlation between the old and new products, so that consumers will be for the same or similar reasons and approval to buy a brand new product is the best direction and business related industries, or to the downstream industry chain extension.

brand extension is not only big and wide, but not “ eating a bowl, watching the pot ”, it should ensure that the original brand core value and personality can not be changed. Successful brand extension can not only enrich the products and scale economy, but also improve the market competitiveness and influence of the brand.

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