LED what are the advantages of industrial and mining lights, it is worth buying
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LED mining lamp is the use of LED lamp as light source lamp products. LED mining lamp compared to other light sources, such as incandescent lamp, high-pressure sodium lamp, high-pressure mercury lamp, electrodeless lamp has the following advantages:

voltage: LED mining lamp light source with a low voltage power supply, a voltage between 1.9-4V, power is more secure than using high voltage power supply.

performance: high luminous efficiency. The LED theory on the luminous efficiency of each tile is up to 370LM/W, good in the process of chip structure without any change of the situation that LED per watt to 150LM without any problems, when the brightness of the lighting field, all basically can be replaced. The LED light source is expected to achieve 300 lumen efficiency per watt over the next 1~3 years. At present, LED has reached 161 lumens per watt in the United States, with a total luminous flux of 175LM.

earthquake: the LED is a solid-state light source, because of its particularity, with other seismic source products can not be compared.

stability: 100 thousand hours for the initial attenuation of 70%

response time: the response time of LED lights for a nanosecond, is all the source in the fastest response time of products.

environmental protection: no mercury and other substances harmful to the body.

color: LED fast with very narrow, light color, color purity, no miscellaneous color, covering the whole visible light band and all, a RGB can be combined into any visible light.

life: LED average life of 5000-100000 hours, greatly reduced the maintenance and the replacement cost you.

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