What are the advantages of LED industrial lamps? Why is it popular?
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In the LED lighting market, the proportion of LED industrial and mining lamps is more and more heavy, and is widely used in many industries, such as factories, enterprises, industrial and mining enterprises, chemical industry, smelting and other industries. LED what are the advantages of industrial and mining lights so that they are so popular with the industry?

: the first is non pollution energy saving and environmental protection. Such aspects: using the multi chip integrated package configuration of high quality power than traditional lamp brightness high, low light decay, light color, the more than 50% energy-saving lamps. Environmental protection: LED industrial and mining lamps do not contain lead, mercury and other harmful substances, so it will not cause pollution to the environment. Second:

has long life advantages. Unique chip technology and high quality radiator, high-quality aluminum casting lamp body, fully guaranteed the LED industrial and mining lamp service life. The average life expectancy of the chip is 50000 hours, but for a good quality metal halide light source, the life span is only 10000 hours.

third: advanced production technology. Phase change LED lamp radiator cooler with micro grooves phase change composite cooling technology is used for high heat flux and high power devices, microelectronic and optoelectronic devices with the international advanced level of a new generation of cooling technology. Compared with the traditional cooler, the cooler the advantages of strong cooling ability, low temperature, LED chip, superior cooling temperature of the light weight, small volume, no cooling power, high reliability, low cost, environmental protection, long service life etc.. Fourth color:

comfortable improve the efficiency of workers. Integrated the unique design, selection of imported high brightness chip, high brightness, low light decay, pure light color, no ghosting, light color optional can meet the needs of different environment, improve the working efficiency of workers.

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