Compared with metal halide lamp, LED lamp has six advantages
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With the development of LED technology, LED lamps are becoming more and more perfect, and the cost is decreasing gradually. It has been welcomed by many industrial manufacturers. LED industrial and mining lamps become the first of the lighting in the workshop. LED why can the industrial and mining lamps become the first lighting in the workshop? Compared to the metal halide lamp, what advantages does the LED mining lamp have? As a member of the environmental protection

lamp, LED mining lamp in the environmental consciousness now received wide use. In the past, the choice of lighting workshop lamps are mostly metal halide lamps, but now because of the emergence of LED industrial and mining lamps, metal halide lamp received a strong impact. The six major advantages of LED mining lamp, can you explain the reason why choose LED industrial workshop lighting lamp:

1. uses calculus lens technology, anti glare effectively and can meet the requirement of 24° /36° /60° /90° different angles such as lighting scene -- --

2. demand; the use of imported high-power LED as light source, with thermal conductivity high, low luminous decay, pure light color, no ghosting.

3. energy-saving effect is obvious, the use of high-power LED light source with imported high efficiency power supply, and compared with the metal halide lamp, energy saving can be more than 60%.

4. adopts the zero air interval assembly technology based on adaptive colloid to realize the transmission without light loss.

5. is green, environmental friendly, pollution-free, and contains no lead, mercury and other polluting elements. It has no pollution to the environment. It is because of the energy saving and environmental protection of the metal halide lamp, LED lighting has become the first choice of workshop lighting. Radiator and lamp case integration design unique

6., effective heat conduction diffusion, thereby reducing the lamp body temperature, protection of the LED light source 50000 hours of life.

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