How to judge the service life of LED street lamps?
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What does the life of a LED street lamp depend on? In this way, judge the LED street lamp's long service life? When people buy Lamps, in order to avoid the frequent replacement of the lamp, it will choose service life is long, but when judging the service life of the lamp, there are no rules, only more experience to judge. The first is to look at the

protection level to protect the LED lamp cavity is high enough; the chip junction temperature is in the range of safety and the use of LED light bulb quality. As for the power supply, it depends on whether the design keeps enough margin, and guarantee the service life to more than 50000 hours. The national testing agencies or approved test report

can also provide proof through the enterprise, choose the key components of the theoretical basis of LED street lamp life and related data and the reputation of the company to determine the authenticity of the comprehensive. The lamp temperature LED lamp LM80 report and the authority (including pin) report, according to which the value can be calculated.

can also be judged according to the LED street lamp life LED street lamps in the outdoor lighting decay curves, the actual situation, different LED lights light showed no regularity, different types of lamps, differences in decay curves. Only with the decay curves of predicted changes in lamp life, reliability and confidence rate is low. And the lamp sealing structure design, the choice of sealing materials, optical protective material selection will have a direct impact on the reliability of the lamp and light. Although the power supply is the most easily damaged component in the lamp, it can greatly improve the reliability of the LED street lamp through reasonable design of the temperature of the power supply cavity and increase of the lightning protection and surge protector.

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