LED what is the reason that the working life of the industrial and mining lamps does not meet?
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When we buy LED industrial and mining lights, sometimes because of LED industrial and mining lights are marked: lamps with a minimum of 100 thousand hours of service life. In order to avoid frequent replacement of lamps and lanterns, to save costs, it is necessary for manufacturers to choose LED industrial and mining lamps instead of other lamps. However, some LED industrial and mining lamps can not reach the service life of the 100 thousand hours mentioned above. What is the reason? Do you mean that it is false? In fact,

this problem, many consumers have encountered. In fact, the life of LED lamps over 100 thousand hours, that is in the ideal state, and the actual space, due to the impact of various factors, want to reach 100 thousand hours, I think it is impossible. The thermal design of

environment and lighting, will affect the service life of the lamp. For example, heat dissipation design; why LED lamps can not reach the height of incandescent lamp ever? One of the reasons is because of the cost, there is an important reason is that the thermal design of lamps has not been a great breakthrough, heat dissipation design limits the popularity of LED lamps. The thermal design of

lamps not ready, will seriously affect the service life of the lamp, the lamp will greatly reduce the use function, will cause premature decay.

LED mining lamp will heat in the process of using, and a lot of heat, if the heat design is not ready, the heat cannot be emitted, piled up in the LED lamp small, forever will destroy the lamp components, causing damage to the service life of the lamp. And in our country, LED lamps and lanterns market is not very standardized, many light LED lamps manufacturers, produced by the LED lamps, a variety of data are reduced, belonging to defective products. As a result, many consumers in the purchase of LED industrial and mining lights, will appear LED mining lamp life is not in conformity with the book.

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