What factors should be paid attention to in the installation of LED industrial and mining lamps?
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LED industrial and mining lights, not only selection, need careful, avoid buying defective products, installation time should be more careful. Avoid the installation of errors, resulting in the use of lamps in the process of damage. Then, in the installation of LED industrial and mining lights, which particular factors need to pay special attention to?

first, light distribution. Reasonable design of lighting installation location, to achieve reasonable distribution of light, do not appear dark areas. The lamp is well distributed and can make people feel big and bright, without fatigue and comfortable working environment. The construction area should be reasonable distribution and selection of LED industrial and mining lamps.

second, LED mining lamp when installed, have to be careful not to put some line to press the wrong, because in the internal chip or some housing includes lamp design, are in accordance with the steps, plus some wires involved, so when in use, the main is to be good some modulation, so it can be a better use effect.

third, when installing the LED mining lamp, the first thing to note the electrician must be certified, so it can avoid the damage of the lamps, before installation must check whether the lamps have a certain integrity, is not properly installed, the lack of a part is not possible. Keep the installation distance as far as possible flammable materials, otherwise there will be some explosion or can not be used properly.

fourth, the installation of LED mining lamp should be gently, do not appear chaotic fall phenomenon, caused by damage. Implement the installation instructions in strict accordance with the manufacturer's requirements.

quality LED mining lamp on the right after installation, can play its own advantages, to achieve the desired effect, so that the workers working in a comfortable environment. Some units did not choose to ensure the quality of products, such as LED mining lamp a small hook, if the choice of the poor quality of the manufacturer, then there will be a drop phenomenon, cause unnecessary damage, but also may be an accident.

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